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World reading day, PengCheng elegant everywhere

Date: 2015-04-27

April 23, shenzhen library, center, shenzhen museum have prepared abundant reading activities to meet the world reading day ", to meet shenzhen citizen who loved reading. These activities not only hold a day, or even months, let people fully enjoy the pleasure of reading.
Anti-Japanese War drama,
Classical bibliography
Time: from April to October
Location: shenzhen library
As "south study family reading classic" decade recommended action of organic composition, shenzhen library will be released on April 23, the second phase of the study of "south family classic readings (30), selected titles including" one hundred years of solitude "meditation" autobiography "beauty course" Gandhi "on liberty", etc., in order to effectively guide the family classic reading.
"Academic hundred" (fifth edition) exhibition and the story of the book series three -- the past of the republic of China "large graphic show also carried out during the event. "Academic hundred" (fifth edition) exhibition in deep drawing the sixth floor of shenzhen school literature, until October 31. Three - the story of the book series of the republic of China "past large graphic display is located in the deep drawing exhibition hall on the second floor, through a lot of pictures and historical data show the literature as a whole during the period of the republic of China, on May 11, will continue to show.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the world against fascism and the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression, shenzhen library held a special "read drama" special planning, specifically the rehearsal "butcher" shallow "" died no one" three dramas about war, on April 23, in the fifth floor in deep figure 19 when meeting.