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The first shenzhen creative design colorful award 254 both the results of the initial 4 million award

Date: 2015-04-27

The first shenzhen creative design colorful award officially released the initial results, a total of 254 landing administrator sig gissler. From yesterday, reporters learned from 7 colour awards organizing committee, designs which will be held on April 24 to 25, the administrator sig gissler for totaled 4 million yuan's awards at the meeting. Administrator sig gissler jury is composed of international judges to safeguard fair competition, reveal the contest of professionalism and internationalization.
As a representative of the first initiated by the department of shenzhen municipal government, shenzhen design of all levels of the integrated awards, this colorful award for "creative, quality, brand" as the theme, sponsored by the colorful award organizing committee, shenzhen press group (shenzhen creative cultural center) to undertake. After a lot over last SCTVF, the awards ceremony will be held during the 11th wenbo will. The winning entries also plans to both at home and abroad city tour, present shenzhen creative design on a global scale.
Designs which reveal the shenzhen city of design "power"
The first 7 colour prize last year officially launched on December 7, collect. To maximize the registration, the staff of the organizing committee of industry associations, design company, creative enterprise has carried on the full launch, on oct creative park, shenzhen industrial park, shekou industrial design network and so on dozens of valley industrial park and visit a batch of large creative enterprises, have got positive response. Because the prize is the first, awareness is not high, the registration number of entries not meet expectations. For this reason, the organizing committee has repeatedly delayed the registration deadline, has strong pertinence to launch work, eventually entered nearly two thousand works. It is worth mentioning, because the source is widespread, landing is quite representative works, fully embodies the design characteristics, the city of shenzhen.
Category "it is a production, rather than the proposition composition competition award." Shenzhen press group editor-in-chief, 7 colour awards organizing committee secretary XuanZhuXi introduces, in December 2009, shenzhen, shenzhen held the first designer assembly, officially launched the CPC shenzhen municipal committee, the people's government of shenzhen about several opinions to promote the development of creative design. To better combing the development of creative design in shenzhen for five years, this award arises at the historic moment. This award is to identify the most can represent all levels of shenzhen design work, and to the world of shenzhen design an attention on a paper.
Unlike many previous design award, shenzhen creative design award is a comprehensive selection of 7 colour, with cultural creativity and innovation as the main direction, and highlight the advantage industry in shenzhen and highlight the emerging industries. Not only is the competition of commendation and reward for professional design itself, more focus on the work done for shenzhen, for the city of thinking; Focus on consider ideas for improving the quality of shenzhen, shenzhen brand with the important role.