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Shenzhen Spring Festival is the most beautiful "window" contest awards more than 5000 submissions

Date: 2015-04-27

Shenzhen special zone newspaper on 23 April, hosted by the shenzhen municipal party committee propaganda department, shenzhen, shenzhen news undertaking of the Spring Festival is the most beautiful "window" contest awards ceremony held at the business building. It is understood that this activity since Feb. 8, end on March 8th, lasted a month. Shenzhen news network is the most beautiful window activity during project click-through rates as high as more than 800, ten thousand times, nearly more than 5000 entries received. Through professional judges the screening, named represents the best "window" 24 award-winning work in shenzhen, we can perspective shenzhen the beauty of the Spring Festival, the beauty of fashion and beauty of the local traditional culture.
Rui-qi li, deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department division director jian-yang li, shenzhen press group editor-in-chief XuanZhuXi, shenzhen news editor-in-chief wang attended the awards ceremony and prizes to the winners.
Shenzhen press group editor-in-chief XuanZhuXi said, "the window, let us see the outside world, and to let the goodness of the outside world understand to shenzhen." During the Spring Festival, more and more people use the window to dress up the Spring Festival, with fashion creative light in shenzhen, is the most beautiful "window" for the country and around the world to see the shenzhen unique fashion beauty sparkles with traditional impact.
"Hope in the future can bring us the most beautiful 'window' shine brighter, bring us the most beautiful 'window' dress up more beautiful." Municipal party committee propaganda department vice-minister rui-qi li hope this kind of activity can continue, become citizens found shenzhen beauty, exhibition of shenzhen beauty platform.
It is understood that the most beautiful of the campaign for the "window", citizens have login shenzhen news activities project, upload the most beautiful in their own "window", to express the love of life and hope for the New Year. From work covers shenzhen business circle, park, shopping malls, community streets, subway, the "window" is dressed up, such as family friends take pictures out of shenzhen during the Spring Festival is the most best sample "window" of the festival atmosphere. Intangible center director of the office of Hou Ling and city folk photography association, vice President of Ma Qingfang said the activity with the feeling of "home" to the person, is a "civilian activities with a festival atmosphere.
It is understood that the jury after three rounds of voting and on-site review, comprehensive arrangement collocation, visual effects, traditional culture elements, modern and creative expression, eventually selected six awards, 24 award-winning places as well as the three best organization.
Citizens netizen can login shenzhen news activity project view entries, enjoy the most beautiful "window".