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Series of breakthrough: "history's most severe" food safety law will come into force as of October 1

Date: 2015-04-27

New revision of the law of the People's Republic of China on food safety law 24 nikkei twelfth session of the 14th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress examined and approved.
The new food safety the intense, chapter 10, 154, will go into effect on October 1 this year. This by the 9th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, review the 12th meeting of the two times, three drafts before, called "history's most severe" food safety law, what are the major changes and the shenzhen evening news interpret for you.
Banned virulent high toxic pesticides
Used for fruits and vegetables tea
Regulation: the state shall practise a system of strict management of the use of pesticides, accelerate the phase out toxic, high toxic pesticides, high residual pesticide, promote the research of alternative products and use, encourage the use of high efficiency, low toxicity, low residual pesticides. Increase: the use of high toxic pesticides are highly toxic, as vegetables, fruits, tea and wood used herbs such as prescribed by the state of the crops.
Health food labels
Shall not be involved prevention treatment function
Requirements: health food claims that the health care function, should have scientific basis, may not produce acute, subacute or chronic harm to human body. Health food label, instruction shall not be involved in disease prevention, treatment, function, content should be true, consistent with the content of the registration or registration, indicate the appropriate crowd, not appropriate crowd, efficacy composition or iconic composition and its content, and the statement "this product can not replace medicine".
Infant formula food production
The entire quality control
Clear: infant formula food production enterprises shall establish implementation from raw materials to finished products into the factory the whole process of quality control, for the infant formula food factory batch-by-batch inspection, to ensure food safety.
Emphasize: infant formula powder product formula of the food and drug supervisory and administrative department under the state council shall be registered. When registering, formula development report shall be submitted and the other shows that scientific formula, the safety of materials; May produce infant formula powder, repackaging means the same enterprise shall use the same formula produce different brands of infant formula milk.
Online shopping food
Clear into the regulatory scope
Regulation: network food trade to a third party shall be conducted for net food operators real-name registration, clear its food safety management responsibility; In accordance with law, shall acquire the license of, should also review the license. Consumer food trade to a third party through the network platform to buy food, whose legal rights and interests are harmed, may demand compensation from net food business operator or food producers. Network food trading third-party platform provider can't provide the true name and address of the net food operators and effective contact information, by the network food trading third-party platform provider compensation. Network food trading after paying compensation, the third-party platform provider shall have the right to recover from the net food business operator or food producers.
Production and operation of genetically modified food
Must be according to the rules
Shall, in accordance with the provisions of genetically modified food regulation: the production and business operation. Not according to stipulations are identified, confiscate the illegal income and production tools, equipment, raw materials, etc., at a maximum value more than five times as much as ten times the fines, if the circumstances are serious, order to suspend production or business license until revoked.